Friday, June 3, 2011

Ruby, Two Weeks Later

The beginning of last week was a little rough.  My little Ruby became lethargic and was passing blood.  I went into panic mode and spent a lot more time and money at the vet.  Turns out, she had hookworms.  I could not believe that I am now dealing with heart worms and hookworms.  Neither of which I knew anything about.  I have never had a pet to experience either of these.  Ruby is a textbook case of what happens if you neglect to care for your pet.  

Well, that is all over now, because she gets tender loving care, as she should.  I think we have everything under control in regards to her health at the moment.  She is still on medication  and will be for a while. But she is doing great.  If all continues to go well, she will be spayed at the end of the month.  Keep your fingers crossed.  
He hair is growing and it is so soft and silky.  She just loves it when I com her hair.  I still think about the description I got of her from Laurie, at the shelter where she showed up as s stray.  "Matted to the bone and had to be shaved"   Well, as you can see, she looks better every day!!  And is still as quiet and polite as any dog I have ever known.  Oh, and Jack and Magnolia love her.



  1. Oh, that poor little cutie!!! I'm sure heartworms and hookworms weren't at all comfortable! Sorry she had to suffer with that, but so happy to know she's doing better! So glad she's got such a loving home and family now.

    She really is just too cute!!!

  2. I am so glad she is felling better! what a cutie pie!!
    She is very lucky to have you are her "mom" :)
    have a great day!!

  3. Thank goodness she has you!!!