Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Sweet Ruby

The saga continues.  I was at a conference in Mobile last week.  During the time I was gone, Jack, Magnolia, and Ruby went to the vet to stay.  This is my first time to board my dogs.  They usually stay at my parents house, but I thought it might be too much for my parents right now.  My daddy is having good bit of inner ear trouble.  I didn't think he needed to be bending down to pick up a dog. 

Since they were staying at the vet, i asked if Ruby would be in a condition to be spayed and have a much needed dental treatment.  They said that tests show no signs of heart worms so she was good to go. 
Well, I got a call Friday morning from the vet.  She said that when they shaved Ruby for the surgery, there appeared to be some kind of small scar on her.  They could not determine what it was.  So they proceeded.  When they got her opened, they discovered she had been spayed as a young puppy.  Probably in a shelter type institution somewhere.  I just felt terrible that she had unnecessary surgery.  Because of the other scar, this one is higher and bigger than usual,so her recovery will be longer.  Poor Baby.  She seems to be doing okay in her recovery.  She is eating, and not scratching at the stitches.  She is taking her pain meds with no reaction.  So I guess all is good there.  At least her teeth got clean, which was badly needed.  The vet indicated that Ruby is probably three years old.  She still weighs three lbs.  Now that the heart worms are gone, she should gain weight.  Oh, and I forgot, she has an ear infection in both ears.  But we have meds for that.  I feel so bad for her and all that she has been through.  I am just glad that I have her and she will have a wonderful life now.  For she is very pampered and loved, just like Jack and Magnolia.
I am not even going to tell how much I have spent on vet bills in the last few months.

Here she is resting in her little bed. 

She would not look up at me.  I guess she did not want to be bothered.  I don't really blame her.  


  1. poor ruby! hope she feels better soon :)

  2. Poor Ruby! And poor you! Hopefully things will look up and you won't have any more vet issues. She sure is cute, even if she does look a bit disgusted at you in this photo, LOL!

  3. Ooooh, poor-poor sweet Ruby!!! So much she's went through but she has such a loving home with you and she's going to be just great now. So sorry to hear she had to go through another unnecessary ordeal! I'm sending her lots of big hugs!!!

  4. Hope Ruby is recovering. My dog Teddy is howling just now. He does that sometimes when he hears a noise.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  5. Oh dear! Poor Ruby! My heart goes out to her (and to you!). I do hope that she recovers quickly.

  6. Charlotte, Sorry to hear about your precious baby. Glad Ruby is better now. I read other posts on your blog and am so glad you stopped by my Blog. I will become a follower.
    We have four cats, wish my dh would have a puppy...he's a cat person. Anyway, 3 of our cats are rescue. For the last 3 weeks we have been dealing with a Momma & 3 kittens that stumbled upon us. We want to catch them & get them to the vet. We are going bonkers...dh wants to keep them, imagine EIGHT cats...yikes.
    Thanks again for stopping by. Love all your cards especially the Patriotic one.