Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good News , Bad News

There is more good news than bad.  First, Ruby seems to be feeling much better.  She is moving about and runs to me when I call her.  But, she is so dirty.  The drops for her ears are thick and greasy.  And, of course, when I am putting them in her ears, she shakes her head.  So, not allmy drops make it into her ears.  The worse part is that due to her recent surgery, she can not have a bath.  I may just have to wash her face tomorrow.  Take a look.

I am not complaining because I am thrilled she is feeling better and her hair is growing.  After she gets her stitches out, she is going to the spa!!
Now here is my other good news.  I went to TJ Max today and found the best bargain ever!  I bought a pair of pants.  Take a look at the retail price and the price I paid for them.  YEA!!!!! 

Now, for the bad news.  My Mac Pro is very sick.  It may even be going to the laptop heaven.  Our school system provides all teachers with a Mac book.  Because I have some vision issues, they provide me with a Mac Pro 17".  It is like a part of my body so I am really missing it.  But Chris, the best tech guy in the world, called me and told me he had taken everything off of the Mac Pro and loaded them on a mac book for me to use for the next couple of weeks.  It will not be as easy to read, but I am not complaining.  He said that he had to check to see what would be more cost efficient, repair mine or purchase a new one.  I hope mine can be repaired.  I know they are not cheap, and that would be a lot of money to spend on me.  I'll know in a couple of weeks.  The good thing is the Mac book is certainly a lot lighter than the Pro.So when I am traveling next week, it will be great!! 

I have a 17" PC that I use for embroidering.  I pulled it out and am using it as I type.  But it is hard to go back toa PC after using a Mac.


  1. You've got the cutest fur-babies! Glad Ruby is feeling better.

  2. So glad Ruby is doing better and sooooo sorry your Mac is sick. Boo! Hate it when my computer is messed up. Love that pic of Ruby on your sidebar -- she looks like Gizmo from the Gremlins movie! LOL!

  3. So glad that Ruby is feeling so much better!!!!
    You can tell that all these little sweeties are very well taken care of!!!!!!

  4. I can't even imagine using a laptop. I see my friends do it, but I just can't for now. LOLOL I wish you good luck on your MAC being fixed!!

  5. OMG, how cute!!! I'm ROTFL because I can't see the dirt for all the cuteness!!! I am so happy she's feeling better!

    Sorry about your Mac Pro though!

  6. your dog is adorable. Even if she's full of dirt. (i truly can't see it) Great steal on those pants. I never find deals like that!!! Funny you're having trouble with your Mac. So am I!! I had to move over a bunch of my stuff to a PC and I miss my MAC so much. I think it is on its way to laptop heaven too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it can be repaired. The poor thing is 5 years old and has never failed on me. My kids spilled coffee on it and the keyboard went crazy

    GOOD LUCK!!!