Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pictures of Ruby

Last night I received some more photos of Ruby.

  Next Monday, May 2nd, she is scheduled to have the additional treatment for the Heartworms.  She will have 1 sot on Monday and the other on Tuesday.  The vet said that it would be about 1 month before she is "out of the woods".  But, if all goes well next week, I will be able to go and get her on May 7th.

Isn't she so sweet and adorable!

Just keep praying that she will survive this horrible treatment.  It just infuriates me that someone neglected and mistreated her.  I am however so thankful that she landed in a good shelter where she is loved and well cared for. 


  1. Ruby gets cuter each time you post a picture of her. I'm praying for you both, I know she's going to do well and be in your arms before you know it. Sounds like you are going to get the best "Fur" Mother's Day present ever!

  2. She's so sweet, still keeping my fingers crosse!

  3. Charlotte, I'm still sending up prayers for that little cutie! God is good and I just know in my heart Ruby will be just fine!!!