Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Blog Award

I am just thrilled that two of my good friends, Glenda and Jean chose to give me this great award.  I feel honored that these two extremely talented ladies chose me for this this award.  Thanks so much!!!!  
The rules of the award are to display it proudly on your blog. Post 5 cricut related things about yourself  and pass it on to 5 others you deem cricut-tastic.

1.  I got my Cricut Expression last July, but did not use it for 1 month due to a busy schedule.
2.  My first cricut project was to cut some letters for a bulletin board at school. 
3.  I became addicted to the cricut and started this blog in September.
4.  I got a Gypsy in October for my birthday.  
5.  Black Friday I stood in line at WalMart to get a Cricut Expression for my classroom.

I am passing this on to these great Cricut-tastic folks.


  1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! Not only for the award, but for loving my gator-themed Mother's Day card!! LOL! Don't know too many Bama fans that would admit to likin' anything GATOR!!!

    ~ Jen

  2. Thank you so much Charlotte! That is so SWEET of you! :)

  3. Thank you Charlotte for thinking of me! :) And Congrats on lil' Ruby...your story tugged at my heart. That is one lucky little girl to be with you.