Friday, May 6, 2011

After the Tornadoes

I feel so lucky and blessed that my home and family were not touched by the recent tornadoes that tore threw Alabama last week.  I do know many who have lost so much and have injuries.  The amount of destruction is just beyond my imagination.  There have been bodies found in Birmingham that were from Tuscaloosa.  Tuscaloosa is 58 miles away.  There are injured babies in the Children's Hospital that were air lifted here from Tuscaloosa.  They have been assigned numbers because their names are not know and no one knows who family members are of if their families even survived.

If you are on FACEBOOK, look at the FB page Toomers for Tuscaloosa.  This is a page started by an Auburn University graduate to help the rival University of Alabama town during this crisis.  It is amazing what is being done nationwide through this page.

Here is a link about where a University student tells of what happened to him during the tornado.


  1. There has been terrible destruction and damage due to these storms. It is just awful. I am so blessed that we are okay and our home was not damaged. My parent's home was also okay and we are all safe. I am praying for everyone affected by these storms.

  2. Thank you so much, Charlotte, for keeping this at the forefront. We need to not forget, with so much else being in the news right now. My heart goes out to all of you, whether physically affected or not. It has to just seem surreal to be living in that area right now. If I could travel, I would be on my way with the Red Cross. I donate though to many of the groups there.