Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Scary Moment

This evening, my sweet little Magnolia had a seizure.  This was not her first, but it was very scary.  I started timing it,and it lasted over 6 minutes.  I just sat and held her and tried to stay calm as she got through it.
Magnolia has now had 4 seizures in her life.  My vet does not seem to be overly alarmed.  His mother has a dog that has a seizure every Christmas day.  Isn't that crazy.  He told me that dogs are so effected by the energy around them.  When i took Magnolia in to be checked out after her first, he said that it had to be the energy level of the people around her that helped to cause it.  Her first one took place during the kick-off of the Alabama-Texas national championship game.  Well, as a die hard Alabama fan I could see that could have cause it.  There was a house full of Bama fans all pumped up for the game.

The next two, also came at times when there was a good bit of stress going on around her.  But, I have no explanation for the one today.  I was just watching television and all of a sudden, she made her way across the sofa to me crying.  And then it began.  Tomorrow we will be at the vet to get her checked out.  She seemed fine but tired after it was all over.  Even Ruby knew something was different.  She went and sat next to Magnolia while she was resting.  This never happens because Ruby is scared of Magnolia.  Magnolia, is a typical, territorial long haired Chihuahua, and will sometimes stalk Ruby.  She recognizes that Ruby is so passive and will take advantage of it.Here they are together.

Oh, and not to leave Jack out, here he is, fat, happy and snoring.
Well, now it is 2:00 am. And I am exhausted, so I am headed to bed.  


  1. Oh, I am sooooo glad it's apparently nothing too serious!!! Poor Magnolia, what a horror to have to deal with such a stresful situation-- of course she was tired when that episode was over; who wouldn't be. I guess it just frightened poor Ruby and what a sweetie she was to stay close to comfort Magnolia!

    I'm relieved that it's not serious enough for the vet to be alarmed about -- thank goodness for that!!!

    Charlotte, please keep us informed.

  2. Charlotte, I also have a Pekingese that has seizures and is on medicine for it. It's the scariest thing to watch! He has been having them since he was 1 1/2 and is now 6. My vet told us that when the seizures last more than 5 minutes it is a big concern. My vet has never said anything to the fact of surrounding atmosphere, just that when the brain has a seizure, it will want to repeat itself. So they will come more often the more she has one. I would talk seriously with your vet about getting her on meds. The meds do have a side effect but they really do help so to me it's worth it. I hope I haven't scared you but thought you should know from another owner who has a dog with seizures. Take care and good luck!

  3. Charlotte I hope your little darling gets well.
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    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. I used to have a dog who had seizures and it was always scary! On a brighter note, you do have some adorable dogs!!!! :)

  5. How is sweet Magnolia doing? My dog Erin had a seizure once and it terrified me. I just held her in my arms till it passed. Erin, however, was very ill at the time. I hope Magnolia is ok and that there is nothing else going on. Please let us know how your beautiful little girl is doing.