Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grooming Day

Today was Ruby's first trip to the groomer.  So she and Jack went at the same time.  I love the doggy spa that I use.  They only take dogs by appointment.  And only take two at a time.  I dropped them off and then picked them up in i 1/2 hours.  It is wonderful because they are never in a cage, just sitting and waiting.  Also there is no confusion  as to who's dog is who's.  Three years ago I was using another groomer and my greatest nightmare took place.  Jack was sent home with someone else.  It is a long story, so I will leave it at that.  The best part is that the person he went home with was picking up his two little white dogs, (Sugar and Spice).  A groomer employee walked them to his car for him.  So when the man got home and let the dogs out of the car to potty, he realized something was wrong.  He called the groomer back and told them that "Sugar is a girl and this dog just lifted his leg".  He quickly returned to the groomer to make the switch.  The next week, I had my dogs micro-chipped and changed to the new dog spa, Generation Dog that just opened.  No more of those worries.

When we got home, Jack did not want his picture taken.  So after one, he turned his back on me. LOL

Magnolia did not go to the groomer, but she did get a bath at home. And she wanted to be in all the pictures.

I am just so glad that Ruby is well and groomed and feeling all the love, after her terrible neglect in her past life.She is so sweet, quiet, polite, and now beautiful!!  


  1. Oh my they are absolutely beautiful pups!!!!! All of them are adorable!!!!

  2. The pups are so cute!! Please come over to my blog and pick up some awards I want to pass on to you. Hugs, Pam at

  3. Hi, Charlotte!!! OMG, they are just the cutest!!! I just love the pictures!!!

    My friend, I'm glad you made it back safely and I really hope you enjoyed your stay in Chicago! I saw your convention on TV and I thought I might have even seen you, but I wasn't!

    I so much your company and I truly hope we'll meet up again sooner than later! Sorry, I had to cancel out on you but last minute changes left me less than enough time.

    Hugs to you, and hug those adorable fur-babies for me!!!

    Love and hugs to you!