Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great News for Ruby!

Today we went to the vet for what I hoped would be the last heart worm screening. AND IT WAS!!!! They are all gone. Ruby is in excellent health. She has even gained 1 ounce. In her world, this is big! She is happy, loves to play, never barks, and follows directions. As the shelter description on Petfinder said of her,"A MORE POLITE DOG, YOU'LL NEVER FIND. Who could ask for anything more. I am not looking back on her miserable neglected life. We are moving forward


  1. So glad for you


  2. Hi Charlotte:
    saw your announcement and am SOOOO happy for Ruby.I know it could be really scary and I'm glad she is getting better!! She's lucky to be rescued!!!

    And Magnolia is really cute-- and OMG-- look at Jack's face on the side bar!!!!

  3. Ruby is so lucky to have landed on your lounge. She must be thanking her lucky stars ten fold that she got rescued by such a loving person. Such great news. x

  4. What a wonderful update. She's getting all the love she needs now and that's what's important. Yay, RUBY!!


  5. Such wonderful news!!! That little Ruby is just so sweet and I'm so happy you can ALL move forward!!!

    What a lucky little sweetie Ruby is to have you, and how lucky of you to be blessed with her!

  6. Oh my gosh, Ruby is so absolutely adorable! Yay that she is all better and gets to come home to such a loving house!


  7. So happy for you and Ruby. God Bless you both in Ruby's forever home! :)

  8. What a blessed little dog to have been found by you. She is really beautiful.